Converse All Stars


They’ve been on my list for awhile (dare I say years?).  So I’m kind of excited I found a pair of normal black high top converse all stars. The best part? I (apparently) fit into a boys size five so I only paid $20 😛

So, now that I finally own a pair… I’m open to suggestions.

Do you wear All Stars? What do you pair them with? Ever wear them with dresses/skirts? With skinny jeans? What’s you’re favourite All Stars + _____ combo?

Always, Aims

Define: Normal


Today marks the first official Family Day here in British Columbia! A long weekend between Christmas and Easter…is well, kind of awesome! It’s a day meant to spend with your family.  So here’s a peek at some of the people with which I get to spend today.


But it’s a little of the “other side” of us…or perhaps a more normal side 😉



As a plaque in our living room reads: As Far as Anyone Knows, We’re a Nice Normal Family. As much as the words make us laugh…there’s definitely some truth ringing there! 😉









Always, Aims

Feature: Photo Booth pt 1


Our annual youth banquet was held between Christmas and New Year’s so there’s a little bit of a Christmas feel in some of these! I was super excited to set up a photo booth for the event!
















Well, I hope they had as much fun as I did! Because I for one had a fantastic time!

Special thanks to the Vocht Sisters for donating many of the props! 🙂

Always, Aims

I’m Impressed…

I’m officially impressed with anyone who can keep up with blogging regularly during Christmas…

I, for one, can’t – obviously!

So…next year maybe I’ll pre-blog for Christmas…in August or something! just kidding! 😉 (actually, it sounds like a good idea…if I remember to actually do it then!) OR, how do you blog when you’re SUPER UBER busy? I’m open to ideas! 😉

It’s not for lack of wanting that it’s been quiet around here…my busy life has just been busier than usual!

Always, Aims

No promises…but I’m still hoping to get at least one Christmas related post online before Christmas!

Remmy: Germany Pt.1

I must be getting better with remembering to take pictures of Remmy when I travel because I have enough to split “Germany” into two posts. 🙂 The above picture is Remmy’s first picture in Germany, he’s sitting on top of my suitcase in the Frankfurt airport. (I traveled to Germany in Aug./Sept. 2011).

On the Rhine River.

At the Deutsches Eck, in Koblenz where the Moselle and Rhine River’s meet.

Still the at the Deutsches Eck.  With statue of the German Emperor, William 1 (William the Great) in the backround.

Driving in Europe… enough said. 😛

In Autostadt, the Volkswagen Plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. One of the famous VW towers in the backround.

When your last name is a German word… it’s amusing to see it on a bottle of shampoo… 100% Glanz, I think yes!

One of the warmer days we were there, we went to (their version) of the beach. Remmy came too. 🙂

Always, Aims

Next week, Remmy in Berlin.

Remmy: Victoria, B.C.

Remmy’s travels continued, and in 2011 he went to Victoria, British Columbia.  Since I live in British Columbia, I know this isn’t an “out-of-country” trip. However, I thought it was noteworthy because Victoria is the capitol city of this Province.  Above, Remmy is at the Parliament Buildings of British Columbia.

Remmy on the ferry to Vancouver Island.

On the shore of the Pacific Ocean! 😀

Remmy also snuck along to Victoria’s IMAX theatre.

Come back next week to see where Remmy traveled next! 🙂

Always, Aims

Remmy’s other travels:



Remmy in the USA!

Ok, I’m realizing it’s been a couple months since I introduced Remmy and told the story about the little white mouse. (You can read the full story HERE as well as see the pictures of the first country he visited.)

Anyways, it’s a rather overdue post, but here’s another couple of places that Remmy has visited.  Remmy went to the States the first time in 2010. Here are a couple pictures at a historic outpost of the Pony Express.

On the hill to the right is also part of the Oregon Trail.

On a wagon. 🙂

Riding the pony express.

Remmy’s official USA pic!

Remmy returned to the States in 2011, but this time to Portland Oregon. One of the things he enjoyed was the Portland Saturday Market.

I’m catching up blogging on Remmy’s travels because he’s traveling again soon! 😀 Come back next week to see where Remmy traveled next.

Always, Aims