Maci: The Cake Smash!

Today continues on from last week which featured the L Family.

Little Maci just turned one year old…

For the second part of their photo session, we did a cake smash! It started like this…

…and ended up like this!

This was the first cake smash I’ve photographed! I think it’s a great idea and it was hilarious to watch Maci interact with the cake… 😀

Ah, it’s all about the icing…

Haha, I think she didn’t know what to do with herself! 🙂 This was a home baked birthday cake by the way!

More chocolate and more icing!

I hope I meet more parents as cool as Maci’s…because I had SO much and would love to do this again sometime! 😀

Post Number 100?!

My 100th blog post…how cool it that?! 🙂

(Where has the time gone?!)

It’s been just over five months since I started blogging consistently (and yes, I know the last couple weeks haven’t been that consistent. 😛 ) Summer has been crazy with so many extra little things and parties and…everything!

However, looking back over the few months that I’ve been blogging…it’s been exciting; a learning experience – to be sure – but in a great one! 🙂 I love looking at my stats page… to see which countries have viewed my blog (to date, 73 different countries have viewed this blog…that’s pretty amazing if you think about it!) adding up to over 13,000 blog visits with over 200 followers. Connecting with so many different people from so many different places would never have happened otherwise! When I log into WordPress it’s almost as if the whole world shrinks and is suddenly at my fingertips… (but that’s just one of the wonders of the internet in general, I guess.) But, it still amazes me – so there. 😛

So thanks, to my followers, to my family, and to my friends (those who comment and those who don’t 😉 ) for all the support! Blogging would be boring without you all!

It’s been a fantastic journey so far, thanks for joining me during my first 100… I for one, am looking forward to the next 100! 😀

Always, Aims

P.s. I promised myself once, that I would never publish a blog post without (at least) one picture…however, my mind kept coming up blank trying to think of a picture to go with this post. (This also may or may not have to do with the fact that it’s Monday morning and I haven’t had coffee yet…) I just can’t even think of something that would be fitting. :-S

So, my 100th blog post is also my first picture-less post!

The (official) Remmy Story!

I thought I should share this story sooner than later because it will be continued as I travel more. 🙂 Having just finished sharing about my trip to England, I’m thinking now would be a good time to introduce “Remmy”.

The first “Remmy Pic” ever posted. Our friend’s like Starbucks more than we do! Hence, the significance of this picture.

It’s kind of a long story, so I’ll try condense it a little. 🙂 My sister and I have these really great friends, also a set of sisters….and they have these little stuffed mice (named Remmy.) Somehow, their Mom realized we didn’t have any of our own…and gave my sis and I each one. (Yeah, they have a cool mom!)

This was shortly before our trip to England and these two friends would’ve done almost anything to come along on such an adventure!

Knowing this, I promised to pack Remmy and take pictures of him in some of the places I would visit, and later “tag” them on facebook. So this is (the short version) of how Remmy came along to England.

I had a layover in Scotland on the way… so “technically” Remmy has been to Scotland, right? 😉

Tower of London and Part of Tower Bridge.

Still at the Tower of London… Remmy in a quiver of arrows. (Remember how much I like arrow slits, right?)

On the beach in Bournemouth, England.

We were about to leave Oxford when I suddenly realized not only did I have the Remmy in my purse, but I hadn’t taken a picture of him yet… So my “Oxford Remmy Picture” is at the Oxford train station…

Harrod’s Department store.

Windsor Castle.

So that is the beginning of Remmy’s travels…officially chronicled on my blog! 😀

Remmy has since been to two other countries (on of them twice!) so come back as Remmy will continue his travels….!

(Don’t laugh at me! I have my own mascot…and I think it’s cool, so there!)

Always, Aims

P.s. Sorry for the “silence” around here this week…(after posting every day last month it does feel like silence!) But there have been some SUPER exciting things happening in my life… I will be updating soon! 😉

It “happened”: Orange

Sometimes…pictures just work, just happen.

Yesterday…I “happened” to have my camera, Boo “happened” to be wearing orange, she “happened” to be holding an orange kitten, there “happened” to be awesome lighting. 😀

The result? My new favourite picture of Boo.

Yes, I still love orange kittens 🙂

Always, Aims

30 Days in England: Day 18 (Gravestones)

Another thing I loved about England…were the epic gravestones. (Don’t laugh! This is true!) 🙂

So…enjoy the “artistic” perspective of it! Lots of them didn’t have names or dates, the weather having erased any personal recognition attached to them.

Or sometimes… they were so simple…

Or… intricate!

When people think of traveling to England…they probably don’t think of the old graveyards and gravestones there, I know I didn’t! Nonetheless it ended up being a super interesting part of my trip!

Always, Aims

30 Days in England: Day 7

My vote says this chap probably can’t see where he’s going…? (he was marching at the time I took this picture!)

At Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s Guard (correct me if I’m wrong in calling him thus?)

I couldn’t let my month-long England feature pass without posting a picture of one of “the red soldiers”.  They’re almost an English icon as much as any Cathedral or bridge.  I kind of felt sorry for them (especially after finding out they’re retired soldiers, which means they’ve seen active duty somewhere.)…here they are doing their job and all these random tourists stand beside them for a picture, taunt them by trying to make them smile etc. (I had the respect not to do that at least…just sayin’.) But they are part of the “England experience” and I couldn’t come home without a couple pictures of them…I just didn’t get in their face to do it. 🙂

So if you’re English…be proud of your soldiers! 🙂

This will do for the day…:-) Always, Aims


Smiling Kitten: 10 Days

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this picture: “This could be a Dr. Seuss character!” (I think it’s the smile! 😉 )

I was planning to do a whole featured post on our little kittens (two of them anyways) but after editing this picture… it just seemed to need its own post. For some (perhaps odd?) reason this picture just struck me as absolutely hilarious. 😀 Maybe because…it’s Wednesday, the middle of the week? (or because I’ve never seen a kitten smile in its sleep?)

So, I just hope this brought at least a smile to your face today…it’s rainy outside here so it’s always nice to have an extra reason to smile! 😀

More kitty pictures coming soon! 😉

Always, Aims

Feature: Laughter!

I believe one of the most precious gifts here on earth…is laughter.

Some of these faces might be familiar… but when I was going through my photos, I couldn’t resist doing a post on this central theme.

Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection. ~Yakov Smirnoff

I LOVE it when one friend makes a face and the other doesn’t know! The reaction after is always priceless!

I would put belly laughing at the top of my highlights list. They always say that laughter is the best medicine. ~Carol Vorderman

Laughter can bring a new perspective. ~ Christopher Durang

Another of life’s greatest gifts; friendship…and being able to laugh together.  Knowing that within your friendship…laughter is always close at hand.

From quiet homes and first beginning, out to the undiscovered ends, there’s nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends. ~Hilaire Belloc

I believe…a day without laughter is an incomplete day.

Hope you’re week is going by quickly… 🙂 It’s already Wednesday!

Enjoy the rest of the day…and make sure you laugh a little!

Always, Aims

P.s. Thank you Google for all the “laughter quotes” 🙂

Surviving: 10-day (raw) Juice Cleanse!

A couple weeks ago I offhandedly agreed to join my sister in the 10-day raw juice cleanse she was planning to do. (it’s probably a good thing I didn’t think it through too much before saying I’d do it…because I probably would’ve backed out!) 🙂

What is a raw juice cleanse? It’s pretty simple. It’s basically a full body “detox” and cleanse… it’s really good for you, and I’m sure my body loves me so much more now! 😛 (I could go more into details but this isn’t a health blog. It’s just a post about my personal experience.) What’s involved? Drinking raw juice….for 10 days…and NOT EATING ANYTHING! (and no coffee!!!)

juice: cabbage, tummeric root, celery, broccoli

I decided to blog about it now, after the fact because I wasn’t sure I’d last the entire 10 days. 🙂

This one was yummy! Pure watermelon juice!

So, we drank juice (and water!)….LOTS of it!  For the first 3 days I had headaches and not very much energy (probably because my body was detoxifying.) But for the next 4 days I felt really good. But by about day 7…juice isn’t very appetizing, at all…haha. (This is when I was thankful to have a support person in my sister!) But we did it…we survived!

Juice: carrots, apples, parsley, ginger

Ok ok….confession time. I ate a tiny dinner on the night of day 2 (because I was SO hungry…and seriously it was mostly broccoli!) On day 10 I ate salad because I was involved in a fancy dinner at a restaurant, but it was the very end of day 10. 😉

Juice: beets, lime, apple, jerusalem artichoke

Some advice:

Don’t do it alone! If you ever have to do something like this…find someone willing to do it with you. It really helps to have someone by your side knowing what you’re going through, who can relate to your suffering 😉 (Ok, that was a little over dramatic…but it’s kind of true.)

Try (if possible) to plan it when you’re not overly busy and won’t be fasting/cleansing during a holiday or family celebration. Take it from someone who knows! (Unless you want to sit drinking broth while your family eats a steak dinner…!) 😛

juice: mango, kale, coconut water, celery or cabbage

By the way…I’m SO MUCH MORE thankful for food now! Wow! I can’t describe how unbelievably yummy that first egg was…or the first bite of a tangy strawberry! THE FIRST SIP OF COFFEE! 😛 I’m more appreciative of my country, of where I am blessed to live…and how we have access to so much food! I can’t help but think of all those people who don’t have food…don’t even have juice or water! Who would give anything for water (not to mention juice or food!)  😦 We have SO much! And I think know we take it for granted…I did! Doing this juice cleanse was a great reminder of that… helped build some character too. 😉 Want to know how self-disciplined you are? Try a juice cleanse! hehe 😛

Enjoy your holiday if you’re celebrating Victoria Day today! 😀

When you eat…take a moment to be thankful for what’s before you! 😉

Always, Aims