It’s been a little while since I posted a black and white picture – enjoy! 🙂  This is more on the artistic side of things, and I like this image – a lot. It was taken while I was in Colorado a few weeks ago.

Always, Aims

It’s Spring – it’s green!

I think this happens every year around this time… you know, when spring is finally here to stay, when you can smell it in the air. When everything is fresh and green, these couple of weeks while even the hillsides are green before summer heat turns them brown.  It’s right about now…that I miss England, and wish I could visit again. Wish I could be sitting on that bench right now, with a book in hand.

See why I miss it? 😉  Just this morning I was paging through last’s year’s 30 days in England feature when I blogged about England every day…ah all those lovely memories came rushing back. So I decided to share a couple more England pictures today.

Wherever you are today… I hope the sun is shining! 😀

Always, Aims

I’m still here! ;-)

I can’t believe my last post was April 11 – yikes! It wasn’t planned that way…but life just kind of happened and is still happening!  I’ve been busy…busy as in I’ve been gone (still am technically) and have only been home for one weekend in April.

March just kind of ran into April and now April is almost over…!?

But I’m back (to blogging), and I’m here, and I’m planning (hoping!) that I can get back into blogging consistently again!

The kissing camels in the Garden of the Gods
The kissing camels in the Garden of the Gods

I’m just coming to the end of a lovely little holiday…I spent the last week in Colorado interning with IPS, the photography group I’ve taken courses with in the past. (You might remember all those blog posts about lighting from back in September ending with Devon’s portrait shoot in Garden of the Gods!)


Now I’m spending a couple days here in Portland with my photographer friend, Ashley and her family. (Check out Ashley’s blog HERE!)


We went for a walk this morning… it’s been raining.  And I loved it…because all the green – and the slight wetness – reminded me of England.

Enjoy your day – I most certainly am! 🙂

Always, Aims

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Real Life

It’s a “real life” kind of day. You ever had one of those? That day when your mental “to-do” list is growing faster than the coffee is brewing…and you look around and see all the must-dos that haven’t even made it on the list yet!

Life has been busy. (Obviously because I haven’t been blogging! Did you miss me? 😉 )

Easter was awesome – it’s one of my favourite holidays – it’s about taking time to remember, to come that point of utter thankfulness for what Jesus did me – for us! We enjoyed some gloriously warm sunshine.  We had a great time of fellowship with extended family and friends – uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc. It was loud. It was beautiful.

I said good bye to this guy.

20121229-SAG-03647My younger taller bro, Mitch.  He’s in the Philippines for a couple months to do some mission work.  He and his friend will be updating their blog if you want to follow what they’re up to! I’m SO excited to see what God will do through them!

Last weekend I road tripped with some of my sibs to southern Alberta.  It was fantastic. Lots of laughs. New perspectives on the theme of the weekend: forgiveness. Fellowship with old and new friends. Road trips are just (almost) always awesome.

So why is it a “real life” day? Because I just looked around my room and saw the mess (clean but unfolded laundry) I saw my tax papers in a pile. Unwritten blog posts. All the normal stuff that hasn’t been done.  It’s about priorities, right? No my room doesn’t look like a show room at a show home, but I got to have some cuddles with a squishy 9 month old. No, my taxes aren’t done, but some of my friendships are stronger because of some good conversations for which I ‘made’ the time.  Real life happens… to all of us.

So enjoy your real life for what it is, take a moment to enjoy the friendships you have, give that baby an extra kiss, take that moment to read the Word.

Because I promise you – your room will still be messy tomorrow 😉

As crazy as April has been so far – it won’t be slowing down! I’ll be heading back to the States next week 🙂 I’ll blog when I can!

Always, Aims

Professional Portraits: Fran



Meet Fran! 🙂 She just finished her Masters degree.  She’s a friend of mine, so I was super excited when she called me up, asking me to get some professional head shots – business portraits – of her.  We’ve had some crazy weather this last week…random blowing snow and sunshine in the same day…and hail!  We were pretty happy to get one of the sunny hours for our photoshoot.





Fran, I wish you only the best for your career! Congratulations on finishing your Masters degree! 😀



Always, Aims

Hair Cut :-)

20130312-SAG-00715 copy


I’m posting this for myself as much as anyone else…Obviously, I got a hair cut a couple weeks ago…the first  “real cut” in about 6 years.  I’m blogging about it so I can look back and remember and “measure” how fast it’s growing back 😉

Always, Aims

Child’s Hand


As you can see, I’m kind of in a little of a “black and white” phase right now. 🙂  Black and white photography has always intrigued me and often inspired me more than (some) colour photography.

An artistic shot of Rasco practicing cello.  More music related post(s) coming soon!

Always, Aims

Lulu (Look who is growing up!)



Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a picture of Lulu, it’s hard to believe she’s already over 7 months old! 🙂 Guess it’s time I did a more “official” session of her again… but I haven’t, so this will have to do for today 😀

I could go on and on about how much she’s grown up, how she’s just learned to wave good bye, how I love the sound of her giggle… but maybe this is enough for today. 😉

Always, Aims


Come fly away!



Just in case it’s yucky and grey this winter day where ever you may be… hope this picture makes you smile! 🙂

It makes me wish Peter Pan would come to my window and invite me to fly away to Neverland…

Always, Aims