30 Days in England: Day 29 (Jane Austen House)

You may have picked up on the fact that I mentioned Jane Austen and some of her works during my month long England posts.

This plague is on the outside wall of the Jane Austen house and says, “Jane Austen lived from 1809 -1817 and hence all her works were sent into the world. Her admirers in this country and in America have united to erect this tablet. Such art as hers can never grow old.”

The Jane Austen house is in a little village called Chawton. And they’ve restored the house and grounds for visitors.

The kitchen. I can imagine Jane and her sister Cassandra spending many happy hours here.

Outside the kitchen door…

Jane and her sister made this quilt (yes, by hand! 😛 )

Their bedroom.

Of course, Jane Austen’s writing desk. It’s easy to picture her here, writing those classic stories, morning light coming in through the window.

Her father’s desk.

I have very few pictures from the interior because it was a “no photos” zone. However, I asked one of the staff and she allowed me too take some without a flash…so I raced back in and snapped a few. 😉

My sister and I walking in the garden path beside the house… Jane and her sister Cassandra walked here often. (To read more about why this is such a special moment read this post. I wrote it to my sister a couple of months ago.)

The front of the house.

Can’t believe it’s June 29th…and tomorrow is day 30…! 😦

Always, Aims