Northern Lights

Blog title and picture are pretty self explanatory.  When my sister noticed the Northern Lights were out last night, I immediately went and grabbed my camera. I’ve only tried photographing them once before…so quite enjoyed doing it again!

Have you done night photography before? What have you learned?

Enjoy! Come back Monday for a picture of the Big Dipper!

Always, Aims

Northern Lights!

Well this sure doesn’t happen every day around here… 🙂 Last night we had a Northern Lights show!

I’m not a scenery photographer nor a “night photographer”… but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. 😀 It was fun to play around with long exposures too!

Near the end… this one random “wave” made it’s way through the middle of the sky…away from the rest of the show.

Happy Wednesday! 😀

Always, Aims