Is it dead?


I’ve been asking myself lately (among the bazillion other things always swirling through my mind) if my blog is dead.


And no.

I don’t know.

I guess I haven’t decided how or if I’ll try resurrecting it. I’ve considered many times deleting it and/or starting a new one.  I’ve tried and pressured myself many times to restart or keeping going from where I left off.  I’ve realized that that would be impossible because in the five years since I started blogging I’ve almost become a completely different person.  In five years not only have I gotten married, I’ve become a mother, and my hubby and I have build a house (well, almost…it isn’t finished yet haha.) Going through all of those life events changes you.  Part of me wishes I could have kept up with the blog for my own sake to be able to look back at the memories.

This blog is special though because it’s a little piece of my personal history that will always be there. The pictures and the memories tied to it are priceless especially as I see how much my family has changed as well and how my little siblings have grown up into beautiful teenagers.

I still love creating…and maybe this will grow into a new and different creative outlet.

The possibilities are endless…and maybe that’s the best part?

Always, Aims


30 Days in England: Day 7

My vote says this chap probably can’t see where he’s going…? (he was marching at the time I took this picture!)

At Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s Guard (correct me if I’m wrong in calling him thus?)

I couldn’t let my month-long England feature pass without posting a picture of one of “the red soldiers”.  They’re almost an English icon as much as any Cathedral or bridge.  I kind of felt sorry for them (especially after finding out they’re retired soldiers, which means they’ve seen active duty somewhere.)…here they are doing their job and all these random tourists stand beside them for a picture, taunt them by trying to make them smile etc. (I had the respect not to do that at least…just sayin’.) But they are part of the “England experience” and I couldn’t come home without a couple pictures of them…I just didn’t get in their face to do it. 🙂

So if you’re English…be proud of your soldiers! 🙂

This will do for the day…:-) Always, Aims


Closet Shopping: Red, Denim, and Stripes

As I mentioned yesterday, this idea has been in the back of my mind for a while.  I just wasn’t sure when and how to introduce it. Actually, I’m still not sure haha… but the longer I wait “hoping to perfect it” the longer it simply stays an idea.

So I’m jumping right in…right now! 😀

Wednesday’s post reminded me (again!) that…I have a really full closet of clothing… and I’m sure many other women out there do too! It’s not that I shop a lot, I really don’t.  But my size hasn’t dramatically changed in the last few years… so my wardrobe has kind of “accumulated” over time. And the thing is… even with so much, I still shop, I still buy (even if it’s “on sale” or from the thrift store…I’ve still added to my closet!) And somehow…I don’t think I’m the only woman with this problem. 😉

Which brings me to why I’m posting today. I’m calling it “Closet Shopping” and it goes as follows:

The idea is to put together a “new” outfit of what I already own.

This means it must be a combination of clothing I’ve never combined before.

Take a picture and post my “new outfit”.

This will test my fashion sense as well as my creativity (and my memory haha.) I’m the kind of person, that when I put together an outfit, and like it…I keep wearing the same combination and (soon) get bored of it.  It’ll be fun to make myself change things up a little. Half the time when I say “I have nothing to wear” it’s just because I have nothing new to wear.  By doing this, I will have a “new” outfit in a sense… and we all know how nice we feel when we’re wearing a new outfit. I believe this will cut down on my shopping “need” as well. 😉

Today’s outfit: A combination of denim, red, and stripes. (I’ve lately been incorporating stripes into my wardrobe.)

I chose to add some red to this because there wasn’t really an other colour.  Kind of has a sailor feel to it.  The white flats and watch complete the outfit nicely I think.


I’m excited to go shopping in my own closet and to start sharing other “new” outfits with you! This is going to be an ongoing feature here on the blog so be sure and check back soon.

And…yes! It’s Friday! I always like Fridays… enjoy your weekend…maybe try some closet shopping of your own! 😉

Always, Aims

Coming Tomorrow…!

Just a quick little note…well, an announcement actually! 😀 It’s coming tomorrow but I’m so excited I wanted to at least give a little hint today! I’m starting a new feature on my blog! It’s starting tomorrow (so be sure and come back then!) 🙂

Some hints to get your imagination going…

fashion related

doesn’t cost $ 

 you can do it too!

This idea has been in the back of my mind for awhile…and I’m really looking forward to sharing what will become an ongoing feature here. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Always, Aims

Missed yesterday’s post? See some organization tips for your wardrobe: HERE

Hat Post: the “Newsie” hat

Yay! Another hat from my collection! 🙂 Sweet, I’m excited to share this one with you because it’s one of my favourites!

I love how the lace gives a little feminine touch to this “poor boy” hat.

This style works great if you have slightly longish bangs like I do (at the moment.) I have the rest of my hair in a braid but this hat looks great if you have your hair in a low bun.  Back in the day when my hair was shorter I wore this hat much more frequently than now.  It also works awesome on shorter hair styles, especially shorter styles with some layering.

I first saw this hat on someone else and couldn’t ask them where they got it because they were driving away from the drive thru already! (This was way back in my Tims days…) Anyhow, imagine my surprise and delight when I found the same hat in a store a while later! 🙂

It’s also versatile in that you can wear this hat backwards as well.

Guess that’s about all for now… thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Wow! Just realized tomorrow is May 1st!? I think I still might have unfinished Christmas candy somewhere…oops.

Always, Aims

Feature: Friendship

Remember Jannice and Astrid?

They’re best friends…

It was absolutely fantastic shoot them! 🙂

True friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts.

The best part about being best friends with someone is that you can “just be you”.

The best of friends are the one with whom you can laugh the hardest.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The pictures say more than my words can today.  I had so much fun on the photoshoot, watching Jannice and Astrid interact with each other, seeing how comfortable they are with one another. That is the best part of having a best friend I think!

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them. ~Francesco Guicciardini

The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. ~Elbert Hubbard

“… no man is useless
while he has a friend.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” 
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of friendship! True friendship really is priceless!

Till tomorrow!

Always, Aims

Sisters: The Same but Different

A little bit of a nostalgic post today. But that’s ok, right? 🙂

Meet Jane.

My best friend. My confidant. My (older) sister.

Last picture together: Feb, 21, 2012

Today I miss her; a lot! She’s been gone since February 22. So that means I’ve been missing her for 8 1/2 weeks or 71 days. By the time I see her (later this week!!!) it will be over 9 weeks.  With one brother being older than us, and 3 brothers coming after me…it’s been “us” for a long time. We’re under two years a part…and she’s pretty much a “live in” best friend. My “other half” you could say.

Sharing a soda at Whit's End in Colorado Springs, Co. (One of the last pictures taken before she left once before in 2010.)

How do you describe a sister relationship? I’ve been thinking for a long time… and it’s really tough.  At first glance, we’re pretty much “the same”. People mistake us for twins quite often.  We’re about the same height (and size…it’s like having two closets full of clothes! How cool is that?!) We both have dark brown hair (although hers is curly and mine is only wavy.) Her eyes are blue-ish though, and mine are brown.  I think a lot of relationships are like ours…I mean it must only be natural, after living together for over 20 years, to finish each others sentences, know what the other is probably thinking.  Be able to share a secret smile across the room knowing the same thought is in their mind. Right now, no one else in my life knows me as well as she does.

First picture after she came back last time... can't wait to take another "return picture!" (We're at Sparkling Hill Resort in this picture. She came to assist me in a shoot)

I miss midnight conversations, coffee-shop dates, epic sleep overs, laughing together….and the list could go on and on.

We’ve had lots of adventures together road trips to AB and visits Europe; twice…ETC. Too many to name… I hope there will be MANY more! 😀

Oxford, England
Auto Stadt car museum. The VW plant in Wolfsburg, Germany
This is what happens when you eat too much German food 😛

A couple years (or more!) ago…we tried to find a “sister relationship” that fit ours. After some discussion, we decided upon that of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Since most people haven’t read the book, think of the movie.  The shared laughter, how both Jane and Lizzy look out for each other, and that understanding they share…that describes us.  Even when we do disagree at times, we always make up just as Jane and Lizzy do…because no sister relationship is perfect, even ours. 😉 Of course, she is Jane, and I, Lizzy. (This is also the reason her “blog name” is Jane 😉 ) Even as Jane and Lizzy’s character’s are very different.. so are we.  In fact, sometimes it feels like we’re complete opposites! She drinks tea, I drink coffee (usually!) If you want an event organized ask her (not me!) I take pictures, while she’s the writer. She snowboards while I snowblade, I use figure skates and she uses hockey skate etc.  But maybe our similarities outweigh our differences…or maybe we’ve learned to use our differences to compliment the other, which is probably another thing that happens after you’ve known each other as long as we have.

Walking in the garden at Jane Austen's house in Chawton, England. Jane walked here with her sister Cassandra.
Our true character coming out...

The picture below has come to represent our relationship.  At first glance, both pairs of feet are very similar… but if you look a little closer you’ll notice the differences. I’m wearing my jeans rolled up, her shoes are laced differently…my shoes have some extra stitching. We’re very similar…but VERY different. And, I think that’s the best way to be 😉 imagine if all of us were the same?! (Life would be SO boring!)

Well, thanks for letting me share my sister with you all today.  I count her and our relationship as one of my richest blessings…may I never take it…or her for granted!

Always, Aims…or for today; Lizzy 😉

Blossomy Kitty

Well, I’m thoroughly enjoying the sunshine today (even if it is from indoors at the moment!) Maybe I can walk to my little coffee shop later on. 🙂

No epic blog post today, just writing a little note to say I’m updating and working on my facebook page today instead.  Posting and adding albums of some of my recent shoots that have been on here.  If you liked what you saw here be sure and check out my facebook page, I’m adding pictures that weren’t posted here. 🙂

Enough of my facebook rant, that’s not what today’s post is about. 🙂

Today I’m also editing this week’s shoots and starting to prepare some of next weeks blog posts. I’m already excited about what’s coming so be sure and check back in here. (hint: little boys with trains. I’m also really looking forward to introducing a very special person in my life 😉 ) That’s some of what’s coming!

For today… a picture of our cat, Night-Fury climbing in some blossomy bush (have no idea what’s it’s called; sorry!) Anyways, I thought it was cute…hope it makes you smile too! 😀


Hope you were able to take a minute and relax and enjoy your Saturday. 🙂

See you Monday!

Always, Aims

“New Stuff” and Week-at-a-Glance

It’s been a exhausting “crazy busy” week for me here on the blog! 😀 I’ve also been trying to evade the nasty cold a few of my siblings had…so far so good – mostly, my throat was tickle-ish to day… 😦 Hoping it goes no further than that!

I decided to try blogging every (week) day this week…my first thought now: it’s a lot of work! 🙂 But at this point I still like blogging…which is probably a good sign, right? 🙂 When I first started blogging I thought 2 times a week would be a challenge…meaning, I consider this an accomplishment. 🙂

It was fun to introduce you all to what will be one of the ongoing features here on my blog…which was my hat collection. (until I run out of hats!)

I had a lovely afternoon with Rasco and was delighted to share her shoot with you too…whenever I look back on those shots I think of a whimsical walk through the woods with a redheaded fairy.

Yesterday was fantastic too…I mean how many people get to have a friend as fun as Astrid? (Also broke my previous record for most site views in one day!)

Today it’s a little quieter around here… later I’ll be out shooting an adorable 3 year old (by the way, I’m already excited about sharing that one here!) 😀 Hoping the weather holds up though… :-S

But I do more with my life than snap pictures and blog. 🙂

Another “thing I do” is that I like to (try) keep track of “firsts”. (i.e. the first time I ate sushi or took a ride on a wooden roller coaster etc.)

When I do or try something new I like to keep track of it…now, one of the ways I’ll be keeping track of the “new things” I do will be here on my blog…(maybe it will help make me take pictures of them rather than just write it down or even just “remember” it!)

Recent “new stuff”:

I had my first lesson driving standard. Learning to drive standard is one of my “2012 goals”.  So far so good… :-S

I also had the recent discovery of this tea. I was scrounging through our “tea drawer” looking for something different when this label caught my eye:

Direct translation is that it’s a black tea and the flavour? Strawberry/Pepper.  Yes pepper (as in that dark stuff we sprinkle on our food pepper.) (ok, they used red pepper kernels to be specific…but it’s still pepper!) That fit the category of “different” nicely. 🙂  I actually quite enjoyed it… the after taste had the slightest “bite” to it; I liked it. (If you like chili chocolate you’d love this tea!) Of course… you’d have to go to Germany for this brand! 😛

Oh yeah, that picture also documents the first time I had gel nails done. (I liked them…made me feel all girly haha.) 🙂

Happy Friday! Try something new, eh!

Always, Aims