Is it dead?


I’ve been asking myself lately (among the bazillion other things always swirling through my mind) if my blog is dead.


And no.

I don’t know.

I guess I haven’t decided how or if I’ll try resurrecting it. I’ve considered many times deleting it and/or starting a new one.  I’ve tried and pressured myself many times to restart or keeping going from where I left off.  I’ve realized that that would be impossible because in the five years since I started blogging I’ve almost become a completely different person.  In five years not only have I gotten married, I’ve become a mother, and my hubby and I have build a house (well, almost…it isn’t finished yet haha.) Going through all of those life events changes you.  Part of me wishes I could have kept up with the blog for my own sake to be able to look back at the memories.

This blog is special though because it’s a little piece of my personal history that will always be there. The pictures and the memories tied to it are priceless especially as I see how much my family has changed as well and how my little siblings have grown up into beautiful teenagers.

I still love creating…and maybe this will grow into a new and different creative outlet.

The possibilities are endless…and maybe that’s the best part?

Always, Aims


Feature: Luke & Piper


From these pictures you would never guess that Luke and Piper’s wedding day was rained out!


The downpour caused their original ceremony location to be changed last minute…which also included the need to find a new location for their formal pictures.


However, I couldn’t be more delighted with our “plan B” location and the fun we had.













I only have happy memories when I think of their wedding day! Luke and Piper, thanks for letting me be a part of your day!


Always, Aims




Feature: T and K Wedding

Taylor and Krista’s wedding was an honour to photograph.  They’re super fun and chill…and their wedding party was pretty cool too 😉

That moment when a groom first sees his bride is always priceless

Krista is a farrier, so when we were choosing a location and the option of a barn with horses came up…I knew it would be fantastic! It was!  The horses seemed to enjoy the bride and groom too.

In Canada, you can’t really have a summer wedding without a stop for ice capps from Tim Horton’s

Romantic paths with dappled light are always a plus!

I loved the exquisite details of buttons and lace on Krista’s dress

I wish them only the best as they begin the exciting adventure called marriage!

Always, Aims

Mike and Jenn: Married!

Mike and Jenn were married at the Walnut Beach Resort on Osoyoos Lake a few weeks ago. I was honoured to be a part of it! Here’s a little peek of their day!

Jenn’s bouquet, with a picture of her father who has passed away. What a unique way to remember someone so special on your wedding day!

Jenn, the gorgeous bride!

Jenn’s brother, walking her “down the aisle”…

Saying “it was hot” would be an enormous understatement…! My guess was that it was at least 37 degrees, maybe more.

The bridal party 🙂

Some more of the lovely couple.

Congrats Jenn and Mike! I wish you all the best! 🙂

Always, Aims

Hat post: A “summery” hat

No worries…! I didn’t forget it’s my week to post a hat picture. 🙂

This is my most recent hat purchase. I bought it just a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a perfect hat for summer and I’m looking forward to putting it to use at the beach (soon! I hope! 😀 ) It’s light and airy too.  It’s also floppy, which I don’t mind in this case…because it’s “flexible” I won’t mind if it gets bent up at the beach or something. Because it’s black and white I could easily wear it other places and with other outfits too.  I always like a hat the versatile! 🙂

This week felt really long… I’m so glad it’s (finally) Friday! How about you?

Always, Aims

Previous hat posts:

The “Newsie” Hat

Black crocheted “cap”

Just a note…

Just a quick little note to say I’m out of town for the weekend! (Time with family and shopping in the States?! Yes please! ) And Jane will be joining us…what could make my weekend better?!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s features!


Astrid and Janice: Best friends

And of course Little Buddy and his trains!

See you all on Monday, I’m already looking forward to what I’ll be sharing. Another hat post is in the works as well as some street photography and I’ll be featuring a sweet little one year old. Yup, next week is going to be awesome!

Do something (a little) extraordinary this weekend!

Always, Aims

“New Stuff” and Week-at-a-Glance

It’s been a exhausting “crazy busy” week for me here on the blog! 😀 I’ve also been trying to evade the nasty cold a few of my siblings had…so far so good – mostly, my throat was tickle-ish to day… 😦 Hoping it goes no further than that!

I decided to try blogging every (week) day this week…my first thought now: it’s a lot of work! 🙂 But at this point I still like blogging…which is probably a good sign, right? 🙂 When I first started blogging I thought 2 times a week would be a challenge…meaning, I consider this an accomplishment. 🙂

It was fun to introduce you all to what will be one of the ongoing features here on my blog…which was my hat collection. (until I run out of hats!)

I had a lovely afternoon with Rasco and was delighted to share her shoot with you too…whenever I look back on those shots I think of a whimsical walk through the woods with a redheaded fairy.

Yesterday was fantastic too…I mean how many people get to have a friend as fun as Astrid? (Also broke my previous record for most site views in one day!)

Today it’s a little quieter around here… later I’ll be out shooting an adorable 3 year old (by the way, I’m already excited about sharing that one here!) 😀 Hoping the weather holds up though… :-S

But I do more with my life than snap pictures and blog. 🙂

Another “thing I do” is that I like to (try) keep track of “firsts”. (i.e. the first time I ate sushi or took a ride on a wooden roller coaster etc.)

When I do or try something new I like to keep track of it…now, one of the ways I’ll be keeping track of the “new things” I do will be here on my blog…(maybe it will help make me take pictures of them rather than just write it down or even just “remember” it!)

Recent “new stuff”:

I had my first lesson driving standard. Learning to drive standard is one of my “2012 goals”.  So far so good… :-S

I also had the recent discovery of this tea. I was scrounging through our “tea drawer” looking for something different when this label caught my eye:

Direct translation is that it’s a black tea and the flavour? Strawberry/Pepper.  Yes pepper (as in that dark stuff we sprinkle on our food pepper.) (ok, they used red pepper kernels to be specific…but it’s still pepper!) That fit the category of “different” nicely. 🙂  I actually quite enjoyed it… the after taste had the slightest “bite” to it; I liked it. (If you like chili chocolate you’d love this tea!) Of course… you’d have to go to Germany for this brand! 😛

Oh yeah, that picture also documents the first time I had gel nails done. (I liked them…made me feel all girly haha.) 🙂

Happy Friday! Try something new, eh!

Always, Aims

Portrait Feature: Astrid

You’d think that someone with a cool name like Astrid would be well, super cool… It’s (very!) true! 😀

When I think of Astrid I always smile 🙂 …maybe because the picture that comes to mind when I think of her there’s always a smile on her face.

Her perky personality and cheery disposition are contagious… I always find myself happier after a visit with Astrid (especially visits that include a Capachillo from Blendz) 🙂 I always enjoy any time I can spend with her, (and I’m stalking up because she’s only here visiting for a few months!) Yes…sometimes it feels like all my friends are leaving! 😦

Astrid is one of those people who is really good at accessorizing.  She has the gift of knowing what to add to an outfit and how much to add…she’s always tasteful in it.  I appreciate it (no one likes over accessorizing I think!) She always looks so “put together”…and you can see the European flair in her style. 🙂

When Astrid walks into a room…it’s like a ray of sunshine entered with her.

She’s just come back from working/traveling for 8 months in Europe (Germany mostly) and has plans to return! I won’t lie…I’m for sure going to miss her (lots!) But, I’m already excited in thinking that I’ll be able to visit her there (even if it takes a couple years) 🙂 …and if I do I already know it’s going to be an adventure!! 😀

Remember Jannice from last week? I actually shot Astrid on the same day, which means that it’s the same location; Father Pandosy Mission in Kelowna.

Thanks Astrid, for letting me take your pictures…it was fantastic!  Now I can always see you even when you’re far away.

Always, Aims

P.s. Featuring the Jannice + Astrid duo next Thursday…you won’t want to miss it!!!

What are pachos anyways?

UPDATE:  Click this link for a WAY BETTER picture of Pachos! Better PACHOS post!

This is kind of “in reply” to what I posted a couple weeks ago in my Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday post.

I pretty much failed at trying to explain what pachos are… and since I happened to go back to Kelly Os to celebrate my brother’s birthday on Sunday… I attempted to take a picture (of course I ordered Pachos again!)

Yeah, it’s a cell phone picture and our table was candle lit… but I think you get the general idea. They’re kind of a mix between a French fry and a baked potato (they aren’t as greasy as French fries.) Toppings include cheese, chives, and BACON! To be dipped in a honey mustard sauce… but honestly, you have to taste them for yourself to experience their true yummyness…

Pachos at Kelly Os

Kelly O’s restaurants can only be found here in BC, so if you’re ever down here make sure you visit! (And of course, I highly recommend the Pachos! 😉 )

That said, and since we’re still kind of on the topic of cell phone pictures.  I snapped this one Saturday… When people ask why I love where I live, scenes like this come to mind first.  I get to see this every time we drive back and forth between the two cities.

I enjoyed sharing a couple of the things that make where I live unique! Thanks for reading 🙂

Always, Aims

Missed yesterday’s post? It’s here.

So I have “this thing” for hats…

Just coming through another weekend…! Hope yours was as nice as mine! 😉 Birthday celebrations always make for great “add ons” to an otherwise “normal” (whatever that is!) weekend. 🙂 With a family (including extended) the size of mine, we get to celebrate often! 😀

On to the reason for my post…

So I have this “thing” for hats.  It started years ago when one of my brothers found a “poor boy” (newsie) type hat in a park.  Lucky for me there was a flower on it, and he gave it too me. (Thinking back…wearing a hat found in a park is a little gross…but, it was years ago and I’m still alive. I probably wouldn’t do that now though, just sayin’.) Lots of people said it looked good on me…guess I have a nice face shape for hats…? 🙂 That’s how it started…I’ve bought and received various hats ever since and I have a whole little shelf of my “hat collection”.

I’ve decided post pictures (and the stories that go with them if there is one!) of my hat collection.  Kind of like an “ongoing feature”.  So if you like hats as much as I do…be sure and check back!


My sister crocheted this one for me (hum yeah she’s awesome like that!) so I’m not sure what to call it.  I like this one because it’s simple and goes with a lot of my outfits.  It’s perfect for a “bad hair day” haha. It’s super versatile and works if my hair is up but it’s also a fabulous “add on” if I just want to leave my hair down.  When styling it the day of the picture, I was going for a “1920s feel”.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my hat collection… there will be (many!) more in the (nearish?) future…!

Always, Aims