30 Days in England: Day 6

Prime Meridian, Greenwich, standing at Longitude 0.

Standing with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and the other in the western. (proof that I’ve stood in two places at once.)

Among the other various day trips etc. we did in England was to go to the Royal Observatory, and the Prime Meridian in Greenwich.  So, just a couple of pictures to remember that experience 🙂

Down at the bottom, looking up at the Observatory…I remember that being a longish kind of climb.

The 24-hour Shepherd Gate Clock, of 1852 was the first clock to show Greenwich Mean Time to the public, and still does so to within a second.

The Meridian Line…showing which cities are in which hemisphere and their longitude degree. (Ottawa and Montreal represent my home country in this picture.) 🙂

Just one of those randomly funnish things I did in England! 🙂

Always, Aims