Why a Photographer loves RAIN!

So we’ve had a rainy spring…I won’t deny that! I decided to write this post after reading various tweets/statuses etc. about how much people hate the rain! I’m SO tired of the complaints…!!! I love it, so there!

Rain in the Okanagan Valley! Can’t you almost smell it?!

I’m going to enjoy it while I can…because you know what? Those same people will be complaining in July/August when the ground is starving for moisture and we’re enduring 35+ degrees Celsius… (That’s about 95+ Fahrenheit if you’re American.) Ok I’ll stop ranting now, this wasn’t meant to be a “rant post”. 🙂

So for all those complaining…here are a few reasons I decided not too whine. As a photographer, I like the rain because our flowers look like this….

I love that the rain helps our my Mom’s little garden does this…

It makes everything so frash…so clean….

Ah, the sounds… Ever opened your window while it’s raining just to hear it falling outside? Have you ever fallen asleep at night listening to it drip off your roof? It’s…phenomenal.  Maybe because it’s a natural sound… knowing it isn’t made electronically, nothing about it is changed. Everyone through the ages have heard the sound of falling rain…that’s pretty awesome if you think about it.

The smell… that can’t be properly described nor can a picture capture it. But nothing compares with that moment when you walk outside after a rainstorm and you’re enveloped with the wave of freshness.  Or taking a deep breath and you can smell that raining coming…ah, one of the best gifts of spring!

There’s something kind of freeing…or perhaps childish of walking down the street and hearing the splash your footsteps make…even if it is childish, I like it, so there.

I may or may not “stomp” in puddles on purpose. 😉

Guess that’s more than enough ranting for today. Just wanted to say…if it’s raining, open the window smell the fresh air and be thankful!

Sunshine is probably just around the corner 😉

You know me…it’s a great excuse to cuddle up with an extra cup of coffee! Always, Aims

P.s. No, this isn’t meant to be the end all argument on “rain”. I realize it’s flooding etc. in my area right now. This post was meant to encourage people to make the best of what lots see as a “bad situation”.  Stop complaining, sit back, and enjoy the good side of things!