Is it dead?


I’ve been asking myself lately (among the bazillion other things always swirling through my mind) if my blog is dead.


And no.

I don’t know.

I guess I haven’t decided how or if I’ll try resurrecting it. I’ve considered many times deleting it and/or starting a new one.  I’ve tried and pressured myself many times to restart or keeping going from where I left off.  I’ve realized that that would be impossible because in the five years since I started blogging I’ve almost become a completely different person.  In five years not only have I gotten married, I’ve become a mother, and my hubby and I have build a house (well, almost…it isn’t finished yet haha.) Going through all of those life events changes you.  Part of me wishes I could have kept up with the blog for my own sake to be able to look back at the memories.

This blog is special though because it’s a little piece of my personal history that will always be there. The pictures and the memories tied to it are priceless especially as I see how much my family has changed as well and how my little siblings have grown up into beautiful teenagers.

I still love creating…and maybe this will grow into a new and different creative outlet.

The possibilities are endless…and maybe that’s the best part?

Always, Aims


The Tea Master


So…I recently bought a tea master. 🙂 I’d heard good things about them, I’d even seen one or two.  But wasn’t planning to buy one…until I saw they were 75% off. 😉 Anyways, it’s a super cool tea pot. 🙂 (I mean, the tea pours falls out the bottom! How cool is that?!)

I love loose leaf teas so I’m pretty excited about this and will definitely be putting it to good use, especially in the coming fall and winter months…(wow! I can’t believe I just wrote that! Fall and winter?!)

Yup, now I can make myself a tea latte anytime I want. (Yes, this is a good thing…I think 😉 )

Just thinking about tea makes me smile. 🙂

Always, Aims

Post Number 100?!

My 100th blog post…how cool it that?! 🙂

(Where has the time gone?!)

It’s been just over five months since I started blogging consistently (and yes, I know the last couple weeks haven’t been that consistent. 😛 ) Summer has been crazy with so many extra little things and parties and…everything!

However, looking back over the few months that I’ve been blogging…it’s been exciting; a learning experience – to be sure – but in a great one! 🙂 I love looking at my stats page… to see which countries have viewed my blog (to date, 73 different countries have viewed this blog…that’s pretty amazing if you think about it!) adding up to over 13,000 blog visits with over 200 followers. Connecting with so many different people from so many different places would never have happened otherwise! When I log into WordPress it’s almost as if the whole world shrinks and is suddenly at my fingertips… (but that’s just one of the wonders of the internet in general, I guess.) But, it still amazes me – so there. 😛

So thanks, to my followers, to my family, and to my friends (those who comment and those who don’t 😉 ) for all the support! Blogging would be boring without you all!

It’s been a fantastic journey so far, thanks for joining me during my first 100… I for one, am looking forward to the next 100! 😀

Always, Aims

P.s. I promised myself once, that I would never publish a blog post without (at least) one picture…however, my mind kept coming up blank trying to think of a picture to go with this post. (This also may or may not have to do with the fact that it’s Monday morning and I haven’t had coffee yet…) I just can’t even think of something that would be fitting. :-S

So, my 100th blog post is also my first picture-less post!

Closet Shopping: Red, Denim, and Stripes

As I mentioned yesterday, this idea has been in the back of my mind for a while.  I just wasn’t sure when and how to introduce it. Actually, I’m still not sure haha… but the longer I wait “hoping to perfect it” the longer it simply stays an idea.

So I’m jumping right in…right now! 😀

Wednesday’s post reminded me (again!) that…I have a really full closet of clothing… and I’m sure many other women out there do too! It’s not that I shop a lot, I really don’t.  But my size hasn’t dramatically changed in the last few years… so my wardrobe has kind of “accumulated” over time. And the thing is… even with so much, I still shop, I still buy (even if it’s “on sale” or from the thrift store…I’ve still added to my closet!) And somehow…I don’t think I’m the only woman with this problem. 😉

Which brings me to why I’m posting today. I’m calling it “Closet Shopping” and it goes as follows:

The idea is to put together a “new” outfit of what I already own.

This means it must be a combination of clothing I’ve never combined before.

Take a picture and post my “new outfit”.

This will test my fashion sense as well as my creativity (and my memory haha.) I’m the kind of person, that when I put together an outfit, and like it…I keep wearing the same combination and (soon) get bored of it.  It’ll be fun to make myself change things up a little. Half the time when I say “I have nothing to wear” it’s just because I have nothing new to wear.  By doing this, I will have a “new” outfit in a sense… and we all know how nice we feel when we’re wearing a new outfit. I believe this will cut down on my shopping “need” as well. 😉

Today’s outfit: A combination of denim, red, and stripes. (I’ve lately been incorporating stripes into my wardrobe.)

I chose to add some red to this because there wasn’t really an other colour.  Kind of has a sailor feel to it.  The white flats and watch complete the outfit nicely I think.


I’m excited to go shopping in my own closet and to start sharing other “new” outfits with you! This is going to be an ongoing feature here on the blog so be sure and check back soon.

And…yes! It’s Friday! I always like Fridays… enjoy your weekend…maybe try some closet shopping of your own! 😉

Always, Aims

5 “thoughts” after 1 month of blogging

So it’s been exactly one month since I made my blog “official”.  Whew! It’s been a crazily awesome adventure so far! Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way…

1. It’s a lot of (worthwhile) work!

-I had no idea what to expect when I started blogging… but it’s more work than I first anticipated.  However, looking back…it’s totally that worthwhile kind of work.  I’ve seriously come to enjoy connecting with other cool people here in the blogging community.  The benefits outweigh the losses (can’t think of any losses  right now anyways…!)

2. Be consistent!

-Yeah, you’ve probably heard that one before. But it’s really true.  No one likes a “dead blog”… I’d rather follow consistent blogs too…which means I need to be consistent.  It’s more work that way…but a lot more fun too!

3. Don’t wait!

-Sometimes you just have to do it (post it!) even if it isn’t “perfect”.  I’m somewhat of a perfectionist…and I’m the type that waits around, works on it, until it is perfected.  With blogging you can’t always do that (especially when you have self-imposed deadlines as I do!)  Sometimes, I know my wording isn’t the best and that I could sit down and make it better…but you can only agonize and analyze for so long (I’m a photographer not a writer…I have to get over my “imperfect” word order. 😀 )

4. Inspiration…the ups and downs!

-Be inspired, and celebrate those moments! When you’re consistently blogging… you’re not always inspired (for me this comes in the writing department!) Well, I’m not always inspired…maybe you are? 🙂 My advice is just do it…even when you’re not inspired.  Blogging can be a little bit like work…but I’d say, do it even when you’re not “in the zone” rather than wait until you are! On the flip side though, take advantage of those moments when you are inspired.  Stop what you’re doing (if you can! 😉 ) and write that post, even if it won’t go public till later. You won’t regret it! Or, if you don’t have time to sit down and do it right away, write yourself a quick note…chance are (at least some of) the inspiration will come back later.

 5. Be Yourself!

-whatever your blog is about…be yourself.  No one else is you.  No one else has my odd writing style and no one else’s pictures are the same as mine.  No one likes a copy cat.  Don’t stress that your words and pictures aren’t as “hip” as that other popular blogger… chances are, people are going to like the real you rather than who you want to be. Besides…it’s SO much easier just to be who you really are meant to be. 🙂


Well, that’s a start. I wrote all this out for myself as much as my readers.  It’s good to sit down and analyze once in awhile.  To take a moment and sit down…and be thankful. 🙂


It’s been a fantastic month! Thanks to all my followers! I appreciate each one of you! I love connecting with people from all over the world and blogging makes it so much more enjoyable! 🙂 I always enjoy seeing the different countries that view my blog…as of today 37 different countries have viewed it and it’s had over 3,500 hits.  Also, a special thanks to my family and friends who have supported me in my blog venture… you know who you are! (You’re all SO awesome!) 😀 Comments etc. always make me smile… you’re always welcome to leave a little “hello” from wherever you may be!

Super excited for the future! 😀 Enjoy your Friday…I sure am!

Always, Aims

photo credit: Joanna Webber

Simply Thankful…

There are just so many (simple) gifts for which I’m thankful today…things that I often take for granted:

I’m thankful that it’s FINALLY spring, that it’s sunny outside… that it even smells like spring (…so very thankful I can smell too!)


That I have ears and can enjoy listening to my favourite music! (What, would life be without music?)

For the extra cup of coffee I had this morning… (that I can taste and enjoy it!)

That I can see…that I can enjoy all the colours around me. (Have you ever closed your eyes and tried to describe a colour using only words. It’s harder than you think. How would you describe “green” to someone who is blind?)

For (true) friendship.

Being able to squish and kiss my little 4 year old sister, Boo…and listening to her giggles and the smile on her face when I gave her a candy.

That our cat, Night-Fury came back after not being around yesterday. (Around here if a cat hasn’t come back for a couple of days, that usually means it’s “gone”….as in deceased.)

So take a moment, step back… and be thankful for those simple gifts.

Always, Aims

A hint for tomorrow’s “best friends” feature:



Sisters: The Same but Different

A little bit of a nostalgic post today. But that’s ok, right? 🙂

Meet Jane.

My best friend. My confidant. My (older) sister.

Last picture together: Feb, 21, 2012

Today I miss her; a lot! She’s been gone since February 22. So that means I’ve been missing her for 8 1/2 weeks or 71 days. By the time I see her (later this week!!!) it will be over 9 weeks.  With one brother being older than us, and 3 brothers coming after me…it’s been “us” for a long time. We’re under two years a part…and she’s pretty much a “live in” best friend. My “other half” you could say.

Sharing a soda at Whit's End in Colorado Springs, Co. (One of the last pictures taken before she left once before in 2010.)

How do you describe a sister relationship? I’ve been thinking for a long time… and it’s really tough.  At first glance, we’re pretty much “the same”. People mistake us for twins quite often.  We’re about the same height (and size…it’s like having two closets full of clothes! How cool is that?!) We both have dark brown hair (although hers is curly and mine is only wavy.) Her eyes are blue-ish though, and mine are brown.  I think a lot of relationships are like ours…I mean it must only be natural, after living together for over 20 years, to finish each others sentences, know what the other is probably thinking.  Be able to share a secret smile across the room knowing the same thought is in their mind. Right now, no one else in my life knows me as well as she does.

First picture after she came back last time... can't wait to take another "return picture!" (We're at Sparkling Hill Resort in this picture. She came to assist me in a shoot)

I miss midnight conversations, coffee-shop dates, epic sleep overs, laughing together….and the list could go on and on.

We’ve had lots of adventures together road trips to AB and visits Europe; twice…ETC. Too many to name… I hope there will be MANY more! 😀

Oxford, England
Auto Stadt car museum. The VW plant in Wolfsburg, Germany
This is what happens when you eat too much German food 😛

A couple years (or more!) ago…we tried to find a “sister relationship” that fit ours. After some discussion, we decided upon that of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Since most people haven’t read the book, think of the movie.  The shared laughter, how both Jane and Lizzy look out for each other, and that understanding they share…that describes us.  Even when we do disagree at times, we always make up just as Jane and Lizzy do…because no sister relationship is perfect, even ours. 😉 Of course, she is Jane, and I, Lizzy. (This is also the reason her “blog name” is Jane 😉 ) Even as Jane and Lizzy’s character’s are very different.. so are we.  In fact, sometimes it feels like we’re complete opposites! She drinks tea, I drink coffee (usually!) If you want an event organized ask her (not me!) I take pictures, while she’s the writer. She snowboards while I snowblade, I use figure skates and she uses hockey skate etc.  But maybe our similarities outweigh our differences…or maybe we’ve learned to use our differences to compliment the other, which is probably another thing that happens after you’ve known each other as long as we have.

Walking in the garden at Jane Austen's house in Chawton, England. Jane walked here with her sister Cassandra.
Our true character coming out...

The picture below has come to represent our relationship.  At first glance, both pairs of feet are very similar… but if you look a little closer you’ll notice the differences. I’m wearing my jeans rolled up, her shoes are laced differently…my shoes have some extra stitching. We’re very similar…but VERY different. And, I think that’s the best way to be 😉 imagine if all of us were the same?! (Life would be SO boring!)

Well, thanks for letting me share my sister with you all today.  I count her and our relationship as one of my richest blessings…may I never take it…or her for granted!

Always, Aims…or for today; Lizzy 😉

Why Green?!

I’ve hinted earlier at my favourite colour: green.

But, why? Well, here’s my “green” story. 😀

I didn’t grow up loving green, and calling it my favourite colour.  Actually, I can’t even remember what my favourite colour as a kid was…hum, weird.  Anyways, I didn’t wear green, all my accessories weren’t green etc.  So…Green came into my life with a “bang” or, quite literally a splash of paint.

Rewind my life back two and a half years:

It’s a few weeks before my birthday…and when Mom asked what I wanted, I suddenly had this brilliant idea. “For my birthday, I want a can of paint for my bedroom walls.”  I was somewhat ecstatic when she actually agreed.  The only stipulation was that we both had to agree on the colour.  I was just excited for the change… anything would be better than my currant bedroom wall colour (you know that babyish princess pink that every 6 year old LOVES? Hum yeah… let’s just say I haven’t been six for LONG time!)

Too make what could be a long story shorter… I’m sitting in my bedroom now, surrounded by “light” green walls and chocolate brown accents.  As one my friends stated when she had a sleepover, “I always wanted to sleep in a lime.” 🙂

Postcards I collected while in England...tacked up on my GREEN bedroom walls! 🙂

But you know what? I love it! Why? Because it’s SO different than the rest of our house, than the rest of my life, haha.  It’s so refreshing to come home…and to walk in and “be in another world” ;-).  It’s almost become a haven of sorts.

When I think of green, some of the first words that come to mind: Spring. Resurrection. Fresh. LIFE! England. Rain. Happy. Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The list could go on and on… 😀

For myself, it has come to represent optimism, or rather the choice to be optimistic. I also heard somewhere that “green is the colour of hope”. Maybe it’s true.

When it’s muddy and yucky outside, it’s still bright and cheery in here. 🙂 However, even after that, green only stayed on my walls.  It’s only been in the last six or sevenish months that it’s made it into other parts of my life and in a few different shades…( I also adore Kelly green by the way.) Or maybe I’m just noticing it now.

So, here are a few of the “greens” that surround my every day life.

the flashlight on my keychain...
My iPod case and the case for my Kobo eReader
"my mouse" 🙂
my travel mug
I even had green butterflies put on my nails a couple weeks ago...
Yes, I am cool enough to use a green violin bow...just sayin'
My recent VV purchase. Airwalks in my size...and they're green! How cool is that, eh?

So that’s why I choose green to accent my blog, my facebook, twitter, and website. Green reminds me of life, and to choose to look on the bright side. And always to have hope!

Always, Aims