Converse All Stars


They’ve been on my list for awhile (dare I say years?).  So I’m kind of excited I found a pair of normal black high top converse all stars. The best part? I (apparently) fit into a boys size five so I only paid $20 😛

So, now that I finally own a pair… I’m open to suggestions.

Do you wear All Stars? What do you pair them with? Ever wear them with dresses/skirts? With skinny jeans? What’s you’re favourite All Stars + _____ combo?

Always, Aims

My Newest Hat!

Two three of my sisters and my cousin gave me this hat for my birthday last week.  It’s different from any of my other hats, which is probably why I like it 😀 It has a vintage feel to it, but I can’t decide which decade it would fit into the best.  It’s black and white which means it will match with almost any outfit I put together… (how cool is that?!)

Thanks Rasco, Munchkin, Bill, and Boo…I love the hat! It was so thoughtful of you all to buy it for me.

Always, Aims


Hat Post: 1940s

So…it’s been a long time since I wrote “a hat post“.  If you weren’t around then, I’ll just bring you up to date.  Basically…I like hats (a lot! 😀 ) and have a collections of them. So I started posting about my different hats and the story behind them – if there is one.

I saw this one weeks and weeks ago but didn’t want to pay full price (duh! Who ever wants to pay full price?) Last week, on a whim, I went back into the store and saw that it was half price…just in time to wear to my friend’s outdoor ceremony for her wedding. 🙂

It reminds of something from the late 1930s to early 1940s…I like the vintage feel…

Always, Aims

I plan to continue featuring my hat collection weekly or at the least by-weekly. 🙂

Summer = An Outdoor Tea Party

Sometimes, life is about taking a moment…and enjoying it. 🙂 In this instance it was taking an extra moment to set up a tea party.

Three of my younger sisters, ready to partake of their tea.

It’s about dressing up…

…and using real china…(a little mismatched though it may be…) 🙂

A bouquet of flowers from around our house.

It’s about pretty hats…

And German chocolate…and lace.

And tea…

But the best part? Spending a little bit of quality time together…talking, visiting.

Smarties taste better when they come from a pretty dish, wouldn’t you agree?

I had fun setting this up for my little girlies…hearing their excitement as they choose their outfits and hats. The sound of their laughter and giggles and fake british accents during the party. They’re such special little kids, after I snapped the pictures I joined them…the memories are more precious than anything else I could’ve done with my time that morning.

Always, Aims