30 Days in England: Day 9 (Windsor Castle)

Windsor Castle, England

A few pictures from around Windsor Castle. 🙂

We came on a Sunday and went to church in Windsor, but the other buildings were closed (maybe because the Queen was in residence? I can’t remember exactly why.)  But I sure enjoyed walking around the area and seeing the various buildings and the courtyard.

Or maybe I just really like Castles 😉

Always, Aims

30 Days in England: Day 7

My vote says this chap probably can’t see where he’s going…? (he was marching at the time I took this picture!)

At Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s Guard (correct me if I’m wrong in calling him thus?)

I couldn’t let my month-long England feature pass without posting a picture of one of “the red soldiers”.  They’re almost an English icon as much as any Cathedral or bridge.  I kind of felt sorry for them (especially after finding out they’re retired soldiers, which means they’ve seen active duty somewhere.)…here they are doing their job and all these random tourists stand beside them for a picture, taunt them by trying to make them smile etc. (I had the respect not to do that at least…just sayin’.) But they are part of the “England experience” and I couldn’t come home without a couple pictures of them…I just didn’t get in their face to do it. 🙂

So if you’re English…be proud of your soldiers! 🙂

This will do for the day…:-) Always, Aims