30 Days in England: Day 25 (War Memorials)

In almost every city, every village (no matter how tiny!), there was some sort of memorial to either WW1 or WW2 (and quite often to both!)

Maybe I noticed because I’m Canadian and we joined when England did in both World Wars? These are some of the examples of the different ones I saw.

No matter what your view is on war, wether you “believe” in it or not… Both world wars happened, that fact can’t be denied. I think that memorials are important, because they did happen, and we shouldn’t forget it…especially those of the younger generations. Perhaps partly to remind us to never let it happen again?

Some were epic and grand…

While others were simple…

Yet all served as a reminder that people served, and people died.

Lest we forget…and something similar happens again.


Always, Aims