Meet Aims…

I’m Amy – but please, call me Aims – all my friends do!  I am a portraiture photographer serving the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada! My blog features the photo sessions I do as well as the places I go when I travel.  When I’m not taking pictures of people or traveling…I update on my “every day” life. 😀

My “every day” life changed significantly when I married the love of my life in July 2014


It’s been an amazing and exciting journey so far…I absolutely love being married! With so many changes in my personal life… my blogging will be changing and growing all over again…I don’t feel like the same person who started this blog back in 2012…and I’m not! (In the best possible way!) So please join me, stick with me, as I transition into a new style and new personal “niche” in my blogging life!

My promise: to continue blogging my photo sessions as well as my travels.

I’m on instagram and update on there more than here…follow me @aimsspohr

 I believe in grace, in Jesus Christ the only one who knows me, who saved me.

In 2010 I was bit by the travel bug when I had the opportunity to go to England (30 Days in England features that trip!) Since then I’ve also been to Germany as well as visited various parts of Canada and the USA.

Westminster Abbey, England 2010
Berlin Wall, Germany 2011










I’m so very thankful for the love and support of my (super awesome!) family. (It’s taken almost a year, but there’s finally a picture of us all!)

~All images copyrighted Amy (Glanz) Spohr and Aims Photography~ *If you would like to reblog or repost a picture, PLEASE ask me first (I will more than likely say yes 😉 ) Feel free to pin things on Pinterest, but PLEASE link the images back to the blog! Thanks  so much!*

25 thoughts on “Meet Aims…

  1. i just love your photos! and your bio! i love green too! and coffee. and tea. and traveling. and jesus. 🙂

  2. Hi again, just returning the comment favour (yay Canadian spelling!) and saying hi on your site. Great bio, really cool shots, and of course the love of Jesus is great to see. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. have done great here…looking forward to reading more about you and what you are about. also looking forward to chatting with you over a coffee some day soon, i hope and discuss pictures of my family…pls email me..Jane

  4. I have never understood why American English is different. I don’t like it! Yay for British (proper) English! Fabulous photography!

  5. 11 siblings? Wow! I had a crazy time with just 3 brothers…I can’t imagine almost a dozen! Your life sounds interesting, and I look forward to seeing part of it through your photos. — Rob

    1. Oh yes…never a dull moment around here! 🙂 Having (almost!) 11 siblings isn’t as crazy as most people think though…Really, it’s SUPER fun! But I’ve never known anything different…so maybe it IS crazy! 😉

  6. Thanks so much for following me! I am glad you did because it led me to your wonderful blog! I am looking forward to following you and seeing more of your photos!

  7. I love your work.Those sharp beautiful eyes have a really good vision to capture the beautiful moments around you 🙂 happy clicking!

  8. Hi Amy,

    Just curious about your impressions of Germany. I am an Ami expat living in NRW (married a German) for almost four years, and I really like it here. BTW, have you ever heard of shapenote singing? I am trying to start a regular group in that genre here…Stop by and look around, if you want. I am also an amateur shutterbug, thanks to my experience as an evidence tech.



  9. Now I see the light! Your blog is awesome! I’m a collector, but you’re an achieved photographer! I’m going to have a blast checking your photos out!

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Enjoy looking around!
      (hint: if you like redheads check out the post in my Portrait section called Kid Portrait: Rasco). 😉

    1. Thanks SO much, Ben! I’m looking forward to accepting it via blog post etc. now that I’m through Christmas holidays haha! Thanks already for the nomination! 🙂

  10. Hi. I’m not a photographer but a huge admirer of photography. Yours are awesome. You have my follow! (I say it like it’s something prestigious…)

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