Kid Portrait: ‘Squishy’


As promised, here’s today’s portrait feature! Perhaps I should explain the name… 😉 Of course, Squishy isn’t her real name, but a cute nickname… (hint: Finding Nemo.)  I think it’s adorable! ❤ Maybe because we call one of my younger sisters Boo…




We did this photo session last September, but it was right before my photo course and I bought a new computer and switched from LR 3 to LR4 etc, and I was busy and now it’s Feb. and I’m finally featuring the pictures here! 🙂 But maybe it’s better this way, a little taste of summer in the middle of winter, eh?




All in all, we had a fantastic time together! Great sunlight and a fantastic subject! She was about to start gr. 1, so Squishy is at the delightful age of learning and discovering new things for herself! She loves animals (obviously!) and isn’t afraid of bugs because she’s curious about them and what they do.




We had fun together, Squishy and I, the interaction level of a six year old is different from a one year or a baby, so I for one quite enjoyed it.  😉 It was my delight to capture a few moments, at the beginning of one of life’s journeys … with school just around the corner, so much unlearned and undiscovered, so many books unread…knowing there’s so much knowledge around the corner! And to be blessed to live in a country where education is encouraged 😀



*sigh* I could look at those sparkly eyes ALL day… 😉



Well thank you, for letting me share Squishy with you today…it was definitely my pleasure! To look back and remember last summer and look forward to this one!


Enjoy the rest of your day, and choose to find a piece of beauty in it no matter where you are…because He always gives beauty for each day!

Always, Aims


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