Feature: Munchkin


Munchkin and I have talked about doing a photoshoot of her for a while, (actually a long while…!) we agreed we wanted to do a winter one…except we had a pretty mild winter around here. 😦  I knew I wanted at least snow covered trees…


It never happened that we had the right conditions + being in the same city on the same day.  The ONE perfect day in Jan. was the day I traveled to Alberta.  I’ll be honest…I had given up.


Well…guess what God gave us on MARCH 12…!? Yup! 😀 SNOW! So I took Munchkin for a walk! (Btw, She choose the location for the shoot.)


Who wouldn’t want to take shelter under a tree for a cup of hot chocolate…in a china tea cup?!








We’ve all done this at some point in our lives, eh? 😉


So that’s the story of why I’m posting a “snow-shoot” in March. 😀  By the time we got home most of it had melted (especially off the trees.)  Glad we took the opportunity when we did 🙂 Thanks for the snow, God!

I couldn’t leave without at least one black and white…


Always, Aims

Munchkin’s hat was lovingly handmade by one of her other older sisters 🙂

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