Official Blog Unveiling

Finally! The official unveiling of my blog! I’m super excited you’re here. 😀

The thought of starting a blog (not to mention a website!) has been in the back of my mind for a while.  But, I had no idea where to begin… so I didn’t do anything.  For the last two months I’ve been working through an online course called Look Through… among other things, it included setting up a blog and a website! It’s been an intense couple of months filled lots of skype conversations, helpful ideas and insites…and many “tech battles” (since my blog is up and running, I think that means I won 😉 ).  But seriously, the last two months were…fantastic!  It’s a pretty awesome feeling to have something of a “game plan” for the future.

Now, that I’ve actually got my blog up and running, and posted a couple of times, I have a feeling it’s something I’m going to enjoy. J (btw, beware: I write long run on sentances…just sayin’).

Sometimes the only pictures a Photographer gets into... (This was taken in Germany last year.)

You can read more about me in the “Meet Aims” page on my blog. But to save you an extra click, I’ll just tell you a tiny bit about myself.  My name is Amy, but way back when, the nickname “Aims” stuck (sure glad some of my other nicknames didn’t! :-D).  Lots of my friends and family call me Aims, and you’re welcome to as well. 🙂

Photo credit: Joanna Webber!

A piece of my Photographic story…

Every family has “the family photographer”. I stepped into that role years ago armed with a 3.2 megapixel point and shoot camera (haha my cell phone has more mega pixels than that now! Wow!) My love for photography grew out of that; maybe it’s the beautiful country in which I live, or maybe it was my siblings and cousins willing to be my subjects…but somewhere along the way, I realized that this is what I want to “do with my life”.

Obviously, the little 3.2 megapix camera is collecting dust in a cupboard now… and my hobby is becoming my business.  This blog will be the perfect place to share my personal as well as my professional life through the pictures I take.

Yup...I'm the one that gets excited over discovering that there is a mirror on the roof in the museum.

Along with starting a business comes the long awaited…WEBSITE! I’m absolutely thrilled to share this link with you today! Let me know what you think of it, eh?! 😀

I wanted to say a special thanks if you’re reading this, because if you are, you’re part of the beginning of my blogging journey…and I appreciate that! So, thank you. 🙂

This is just the beginning…

Always, Aims

6 thoughts on “Official Blog Unveiling

  1. I love how I can hear your accent when I read your posts! Congrats on the new website/blog/logo. 🙂

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