What are pachos anyways?

UPDATE:  Click this link for a WAY BETTER picture of Pachos! Better PACHOS post!

This is kind of “in reply” to what I posted a couple weeks ago in my Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday post.

I pretty much failed at trying to explain what pachos are… and since I happened to go back to Kelly Os to celebrate my brother’s birthday on Sunday… I attempted to take a picture (of course I ordered Pachos again!)

Yeah, it’s a cell phone picture and our table was candle lit… but I think you get the general idea. They’re kind of a mix between a French fry and a baked potato (they aren’t as greasy as French fries.) Toppings include cheese, chives, and BACON! To be dipped in a honey mustard sauce… but honestly, you have to taste them for yourself to experience their true yummyness…

Pachos at Kelly Os

Kelly O’s restaurants can only be found here in BC, so if you’re ever down here make sure you visit! (And of course, I highly recommend the Pachos! 😉 )

That said, and since we’re still kind of on the topic of cell phone pictures.  I snapped this one Saturday… When people ask why I love where I live, scenes like this come to mind first.  I get to see this every time we drive back and forth between the two cities.

I enjoyed sharing a couple of the things that make where I live unique! Thanks for reading 🙂

Always, Aims

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One thought on “What are pachos anyways?

  1. That does look yummy! And the second picture you posted is beautiful. 😀 It actually looks similar to the area I live in, here in the U.S. Love, love, love!!!
    Great post. 🙂

    (Actually, this is Rachael from IPS, fyi. lol I saw you had a blog on FB and checked it out so now I’m following it. ^_^)

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