Feature: Baby Leon

Baby Leon…

I such a great time at Leon’s newborn session! Wow…babies ARE SO adorable!!

In Daddy’s arms…

The tiny intricate miracle of each finger, every toe…never ceases to amaze me…

Leon was about 3 and a half weeks when I took these, but he’s oh so tiny because he was born 5 weeks early. (*sigh* I love small babies…)

Parent’s rings 🙂

Ahhh! I LOVE his chubby little cheeks…I wish I could just kiss kiss kiss them! Don’t you? 😉

Always, Aims

6 thoughts on “Feature: Baby Leon

  1. Thank you sooo so much for sharing these pictures of my beautiful, little nephew. Being here in Thailand I haven’t seen much of him yet, and never with open eyes 🙂 Seeing these wonderful pictures you took makes me want to jump on the next plane to be able to hold and kiss him 😀

  2. Thank you Amy, for taking so much time to take those wonderful pictures. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I’m so glad that I asked you.

  3. Oh wow, such a beautiful child! The rings on his toe, that fabulous head of hair. Another true miracle by God. Great photography!

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