Hat Post: The Gift!

Another new hat. 🙂  This one is from a friend…a “just because” gift. From someone who saw it and thought of me, isn’t that sweet?! A new hat and a new hat story. 🙂

I love the simplicity of this hat and the 1920s vintage feel of its style. Definitely my type of hat 😉

She even put a little personal touch to it…so thoughtful!

Thanks Jenny! 😀 I love it! You’ve got great taste!

Always, Aims


3 thoughts on “Hat Post: The Gift!

  1. I like this one (as well as many other hats). Perhaps I should pick up on weaving hats for the summer. My crocheted hats are mostly limited to winter.

  2. Wow, it looks fabulous on you! And I too caught the 1920’s era styling. You have a great smile. You have wonderful friends indeed. 🙂

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